Sunday, March 30, 2008

Training in a Bottle

Many cyclists escape the harsh winter weather and spend time training in warmer destinations. They show up at Spring races with the long hours riding in Spain, Tucson or Southern California proudly displayed as distinct tan lines on their arms and legs. It can be quite intimidating to those of us who spent our winter months dreaming of warm days and coming up with every excuse not to ride the trainer. Rather than show up with pale white legs--a glaring confession of the lack of training--I prefer to lather up with self-tanner and create my own tan lines as a sort of pseudo training camp. No one will ever know the number of times I opted to kick back, drink Coke and eat chips rather than engage in any form of physical activity. Instead they will think I too spent endless hours working on my fitness on the bike. They will never know...until the gun goes off and the race begins.

Special thanks to CK for this season's training program--I am feeling fit already!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Peeps vs. Circus Peanuts

I would like to respond to a question on my last post about Peeps and peanut-shaped candy.

What I believe is being referred to is a Circus Peanut. I don't mean to sound like a know-it-all, and I don't like to brag...but I would consider myself a bit of a "trailer-park candy" connoisseur--to which, both Peeps and Circus Peanuts qualify. I would like to note some differences between the two. (Please note: these are not technical definitions.)

Peeps are basically marshmallows covered in colored sugar. Don't be deceived by the wide array of colors they are available in. They all taste basically the same--like plain sugar. There are exceptions however, as a limited number of Peeps--in their quest for all-holiday dominance--are available in flavors such as peppermint (
Christmas-Peppermint Stars and Cookie Flavored Cut Outs) and Chocolate (Halloween-Cocoa Cats).

While Circus Peanuts would qualify as a mallow (I will go out on a limb and define "mallow" as some sort of whipped sugar), they are much more dense and not as "springy" as Peeps. They have a flavor that is really hard to describe. I wouldn't say it is entirely pleasant...more of a chemical taste--probably from the artificial orange coloring--which, by the way, will leave your teeth orange if you eat too many. Circus Peanuts are super sweet. So sweet in fact, you can get a toothache from just eating a few.

I don't want to make it sound as if I do not like Circus Peanuts--I do. I have been know to eat quite a few in a single sitting. It's just that in terms of a pure sugar rush, I find it hard to beat the tasty goodness of a Marshmallow Peep. And besides, the excitement of seeing a Peep in the microwave far out does any performance by a Circus Peanut under electromagnetic energy exposure. Good times.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

I rode my bike for Easter. The photo--that's not me--that's a Peep. Sugar and marshmallow goodness. My all time favorite Easter treat! Peeps are not just limited to Easter, they make Peeps for many occasions. Check out the official Peep website at

Friday, March 21, 2008

We're Not Lazy!

I would like to debunk a common misconception that people have of Appalachian folk. Often times, we are labeled as being lazy and overweight. This is not entirely is our pets that are lazy and overweight. This is Cocoa, my 20lb cat waking up from a 4 hour nap. For scale, I placed a 2 LITER of Coke beside her (think about it). She doesn't like Coke by the way--that is for me.

Monday, March 17, 2008

New Tires?

I have been known to try and extend the life of my tires a little too long. It's a good thing I have my buddies around to keep me in line when I'm pushing my luck. This is the friendly little reminder I got last time I left my bike unattended at the shop.